NC State

Rubus plants in our program include blackberries and raspberries. Rubus plants are virus tested upon arrival and then introduced into tissue culture by meristemming. Plants are tested again for pathogens before being released. 


Rubus Pathogen Tests:

Apple mosaic virus (ApMV)

Arabis Mosaic Virus (ArMV)

Beet Pseudo-Yellow Virus (BPYV)

Black raspberry necrosis virus

Blackberry Chlorotic Ring Spot Virus (BCRV)

Blackberry leaf mottle virus (BlMaV)

Blackberry vein banding associated virus (BVBaV)

Blackberry Virus E (BVE) (BlVE)

Blackberry Virus F (BlVF)

Blackberry Virus Omega

Blackberry Virus S (BVS) (BlVS)

Blackberry Virus X (BVX) (BlVX)

Blackberry Virus Y (BVY) (BlVY)

Blackberry Virus Z (BVZ) (BlVZ)

Blackberry Yellow Vein-associated Virus (BYVaV)

Cherry Leafroll Virus (CLRV)

Cherry Raspberry Leaf Virus (CRLV)

Impatiens Necrotic Spot Virus

Peach Rosette Mosaic Virus (PRMV)


Raspberry Bushy Dwarf Virus (RBDV)

Raspberry latent virus

Raspberry Latent Virus (RpLV)

Raspberry leaf mottle virus

Raspberry Ringspot DNA Virus (RpRSV)

Rubus Chlorotic Mottle Virus (RuCMV)

Rubus yellow net virus

Rubus Yellow Net Virus (RYNV)

Sowbane mosaic virus (SoMV)

Strawberry Latent Ringspot (SLRSV)

Strawberry Necrotic Shock Virus (SNSV)

Tobacco Ring Spot Virus (TRSV)

Tomato Black Ring Virus (TBRV)

Tomato Ring Spot Virus (ToRSV)

Xylella fastidiosa